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Hitting the Road

I’m going to be leaving Sioux Falls in about a half hour to drive out to Pennsylvania.¬† I’ll be picking up Sam G. on the way to be my road trip buddy (since he’s basically going to the same place I am). Please be praying for safe travels in the next couple days.

It still hasn’t really sunk in that I’m going to be gone for so long.¬† This morning I’m going to be saying my last “see you laters” to Sioux Falls and to my family .

Emily in Sioux Falls

Right now, Emily is in Sioux Falls, preparing to leave for Gambia. School is done, graduation ceremonies celebrated, and she’s busy saying goodbye to her friends and getting things ready for the trek to the WEC ¬†facility in Pennsylvania. From there she’ll fly to Amsterdam, spend some time with family there, then on to The Gambia. Pray for a clear mind as she readies for the trip, and for safe travel as she goes.